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Will Hoodia Help You Lose Weight?

Hoodia is big news in the diet industry, the next big thing companies are touting to encourage dieters to spend and buy their products. It is Hoodia Gordonii, not a new discovery, but one gaining new attention as the battle against weight continues. Quite often, once a diet supplement is given extensive press publicity, it is usually related to something negative. In recent years, there have been news coverage on the health risks associated with numerous weight loss preparations that did nothing to burn fat but much to damage hearts and  bank accounts. With Hoodia, there is attention, but it is entirely different; Oprah Winfrey, famous for her long battles with weight, presented an fair report on Hoodia in her magazine, while revered news reporter Lesley Stahl sampled Hoodia in its most natural form for a segment on 60 Minutes.

National and International media have given Hoodia Gordonii large amounts of exposure and while not everybody believes it is the magic bullet to dieting, there are few negative things to say about it. The scientific name is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a prickly cactus and has the capability to save water in its roots and thick stems. Because the Hoodia plant is local to the desert, the water stores help it to hold up in the heat. Hoodia is indigenous to South Africa, though it may also be found in other desert areas. The Hoodia plant is recognised by its cactus-like appearance, green stalks covered in sharp points, and by the brown/pink flowers that sometimes sprout from the stalks. take away the spikes and dig into the flesh of the plant, and you have the main ingredient for a powerful appetite killer.

It is rumoured that the dietary benefits to taking Hoodia were revealed in Africa, by people who had formerly used the plant for other remedial purposes. Noting that individuals who ate the plant could work for an extended period of time without eating so much, these same people realised the plant could act as an appetite suppressant. As highlighted by the many media reports done on Hoodia since, ingesting the plant can cause a person to want less food and as a result lose weight. While more stringent scientific research has revealed that it is not entirely conclusive that Hoodia is effective for all users as a weight loss supplement, no severe side effects are reported.

On the flipside, informal tests of Hoodia in an extracted form has revealed loss of hunger in some users. As with taking any diet aid, it is wise to appreciate that a supplement is just that. It is an aid, not the only means to safe, effective weight loss. Teamed up with with a healthy eating regimen and exercise, a supplement can drastically boost your weight loss if taken in the right manner. In this instance, Hoodia is bound to be effective.

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