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Zantrex Reviews

zantrex review
Regardless of whether it can be known as Zantrex, Zantrex-3, or Zantrex Fat Burner, it can be a similar thing. All these products claim to be a "more potent fat burner than ephedra." If true, this claim is genuinely disturbing since ephedra (also known as ephedrine) was banned for use or sale from the US a lot more than a decade ago due to the fact of it can be really hazardous stimulant consequences! This formula has changed names numerous times - possibly due to the fact of some bad press about its excess weight loss claims - but the primary ingredient remains a similar: Caffeine, and a wonderful deal of it.

If you are a hard-core coffee drinker who gives no heed to your health care professional's warnings about consuming too much caffeine, you possibly already know that even in moderate doses, caffeine has a similar chemical make-up to amphetamine-class drugs, including one of the most hazardous substance about the street these days - methamphetamine. The bottom line on these central nervous system stimulants is that they're (1) powerfully addictive, (2) have nasty withdrawal symptoms, (3) have a poor lifetime recovery rate and (4) can result in serious medical troubles.

What are the Ingredients in Zantrex

The Zantrex "family" of over-the-counter supplements contain 320 mgs of caffeine and some/all of these additional substances:
  • Yerba mate (normal stimulant)
  • Guarana seed (another stimulant)
  • Green tea (mild stimulant, healthy antioxidant), see also Tava Tea Review
  • Tibetan and panax ginseng (normal "feel good" substance with no proven excess weight loss effects)
  • Cocoa nut (is made up of caffeine)
  • Kola nut (is made up of caffeine)

Substances not defined from the English dictionary: damiana schizonepeta, piper nigum, thea, and sinensis complex

Zantrex Side Effects

Even with some unknown substances, it can be risk-free to say that Zantrex merely is made up of a lot more and a lot more caffeine. How much is too much? It can be also risk-free to say that employing an excessive amount of caffeine on a daily basis isn't a wonderful idea. Look at the list of side effects:
  • Feeling shaky, jittery, and restless
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased urination
  • Excessive perspiration and/or cold sweats
  • Stomach upset - diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
  • Spontaneous mood irritability
  • Loss of appetite


If you use Zantrex products and have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), mood instability or gastritis, you must NOT use caffeine since it will make these conditions worse, and could even result in a stroke or heart attack. The recommended dose of Zantrex is two tablets before each meal - this is identical to drinking six cups or a lot more of powerful coffee three times per day! If you doubt the powerful addictive nature of caffeine, ask anyone who drinks a lot of coffee, powerful tea, or cola drinks if it can be uncomplicated to give up these products.

If the consequences of excessive caffeine aren't scary enough, the Zantrex web site claims that employing this product will offer you with "effortless excess weight loss." The United States is one of the world's top consumers of caffeine-containing products; the National Institute of Health reports that the USA is also one of the most obese country from the world. If employing caffeine genuinely did result in excess weight loss on a long-term basis, wouldn't be all be genuinely thin?

Best Alternative

phen375 diet pills
Phen375 is made up of no caffeine and no potent stimulant drugs; it acts naturally in your body to boost your fat burning capacity with no these hazardous chemicals. It suppresses your appetite with no causing stomach cramping, nausea or vomiting. In fact, Phen375 is made up of only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in FDA - approved laboratories. If you've any chronic medical conditions, you must consult your health care provider before taking Phen375 or any other dietary supplement particularly if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Finally, the ingredients in Phen375 are not disguised with any misleading, innocent-sounding names; the formula is right there about the web site for all to see. A product that earns this kind of trust is clearly your finest option when choosing an effective, risk-free weight loss supplement.

Zantrex is, as the song says, "the same as it ever was."

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