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Get Lean Legs By Doing These 5 Moves

You won't be the only person trying to get lean legs, infact it is among the top goals of many women. The reasons why many women go to the gym is to feel more comfortable wearing shorts or even a skirt in during summer.

If you wish to make sure that you're on target to get lean legs, it's going to be vital that you're taking time to understand the very best leg slimming exercises. The first step is to include these to your fitness plan.

Let's have a quick look over the top moves that you should consider so that you can achieve this goal in record time.


An excellent move to assist in giving the legs a more defined look are lunges. There are many advantages you will be able to see from lunges, these include working the glutes, hamstrings, quads as well as help to maintain your balance.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


A compound movement is a wonderful addition, in particular squats as they will help to boost your strength and train all muscles inside the lower body. As your muscle mass will increase you will lose more calories, resulting in you finding it easier to shed fat.

Rear Leg Raises

Rear Leg Raises target the muscle groups around the bum region, they are ideal if you want to firm up your backside. These work outs are perfect as they help you to tone up and not increase in size because you are not using weights.

Uphill Walking

When doing your cardio training a fantastic exercise to incorporate in your workout program is Uphill walking. Uphill walking is a wonderful challenge for your lower body muscles, it can also cause you to burn off as many calories as running does. These exercises don't cause as much strain on the lower back as running does, therefore these exercises are perfect for people suffering from back pain.


Deadlifts are the final exercise that should not be overlooked as they are perfect for firming your bum and strengthening the lower back in addition to core muscles. Make sure that when you do that exercise you use your bum muscles and sqeeze from your glutes, avoid using your lower back. If done incorrectly chances are you'll get lower back pain, to avoid this it's essential to keep the back flat when doing the rising part of the exercise.

You are going to be one step closer to getting lean legs if you do the above exercises 3 days a week. Therefore these 5 movements should be added to your lower body workout.

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