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10 Ways to Burn Calories Fast and Easy

burn calories
Here are 10 tips to burn calories and healthy living

1 - Eat less junk food. Easy enough, right? Cut out the cookies, candy, ice cream, donuts and cake from your diet.

2 - Stop drinking soda. Soda is nothing but empty calories and excess sugar. If you must drink it, do diet.

3 - Get active. Walking, running, hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, skating, dancing, yoga, anything! Just MOVE YOUR BODY!!

4 - Drink water. Water has many benefits including keeping you feeling full so you don't eat as much.

5 - Chew gum. Gum will keep you from snacking between meals or while preparing food. Make sure it's sugar-free.

6 - Eat smaller meals more often. You should be eating every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism working at it's optimal level. Eat just enough to fill you up.

7 - Get enough sleep. Most people require six-eight hours of sleep per night.

8 - Weight train. Muscle helps burn fat. You don't have to lift weights and get huge, just lift a few times a week to gain some lean muscle mass.

9 - Eat right. You need a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat. You should eat things that are whole-wheat, all-natural and pure. Lean meats, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, fruits and peanuts are some examples.

10 - Stick to it. No more crash dieting. If you just stick to these simple tips, you WILL lose weight. There's absolutely no doubt about it. You can do it!!

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