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Megestrol Reviews

1.       Drug Class and Mechanism
Megestrol is mainly used to fight cancer. It also happens to be a synthetic female hormone that belongs to the progesterone group. Progesterone is a hormone that is mainly produced by the female. It helps to control the menstrual flow in women apart from other functions of the body.

2.       Prescription, Storage and Description

Megestrol is available as a prescription drug under the brand names, Megace and Megace ES. No generic of this drug is available. It is mainly prescribed for breast cancer and cancer of the uterus that is known as carcinoma. It does not treat cancer by itself but is in addition to therapy. It is also prescribed for weight maintenance in patients suffering from AIDS. It is an appetite stimulant and is commonly used in women. Megestrol should be stored in a dry room and at room temperature. The oral suspension should ideally be stored in a refrigerator and in a very tightly sealed container. The dose of this medicine is administered for several months. Doses of 800 mg everyday are used for weight loss. It can be taken with food or without food. However, when taken with food better absorption is possible. Oral suspension should be shaken and not stirred before consuming.

3.      Megestrol Drug Interactions

Megestrol greatly increases appetite and therefore weight gain is commonly seen. This is not due to water retention but an outcome of too much food intake.

4.       How to Use Megestrol

It is necessary to follow the doctor’s prescription and take the medicine orally. Maximum benefit can be achieved by taking the medication regularly and for a prolonged time span.

5.       Megestrol Side Effects

The most common side effects are rashes on skin, nausea, impotency and gas in stomach also known as flatulence. It also causes weight gain, changes in sleeping and appetite patterns. A decreased sex drive is also seen in some cases. In case of women; irregular changes in menses is common, accompanied by unpredictable bleeding. Rare side effects are a rapid heart beat, swelling of limbs, headache, chest pain, mood swings, confusion, numbness of a part of the body, rapid changes in vision, disturbed speech and breathing issues. Hypertension is also possible in some cases. Increased dose also increases the side effects. Very serious allergic reactions are not common. However at times; rashes, itching of skin and swelling of throat, face and tongue are observed. Taking this drug during pregnancy is not recommended as it can cause defects in the fetus. It interferes with the functioning of hormones and should not be taken if breast-feeding. It is not advisable for women to consume this drug who are potentially capable of becoming pregnant. Birth control methods are compulsory for women who are on megestrol but are still fertile.

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