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How Does Hoodia Help You Lose Weight?

It is a shame that many of us spend so much time trying to lose weight to no avail.  There are dozens of diet plans on the market that promise a fast weight loss, but if you have taken a close look at most of them, you will probably notice one thing – they are basically unsustainable.  Often the foods that are required are so ghastly, hard to come by, or expensive that no one could reasonably be expected to use them in the long term.  A good many of these diets will also lead to nutritional deficiency.

Regardless of the diet you decide upon, the biggest reason for diet failure is hunger cravings.  Any diet will call for a reduction in calories and the physical amount of food that you eat.  Not only that, but people who have become overweight have usually stretched out their stomach, so they will not feel full with even a normal amount of food.  You need something that will overcome cravings and also allow time for your stomach to return to its normal size.  Eating teeny portions of food or platefuls of cabbage will not help you get over hunger pangs – you need something that will suppress your appetite.

Decades ago, while researching the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, it was found that these people chewed on the pulp of the hoodia plant to suppress their hunger while they were on a hunt.  The wellbeing of the tribe would depend on how well the hunters did, and being distracted by hunger pangs could interfere with their ability to get food.  Hoodia was able to supply the help needed for the men to provide for their families; they were able to keep their mind on the hunt rather than on their growling stomachs.

Soon, scientists and dieticians were exploring the possibility that hoodia could help overweight people lose those extra pounds.  Experiments with animals found that hoodia contains a substance, named P57, which seems to act on the brain to suppress appetite.  It only makes sense that if you do not feel hungry, will not eat as much.  Those who have been having trouble with managing their weight might well find that hoodia could offer a solution to their problem.  

A rather informal trial with obese individuals did find that those who took hoodia were able to trim about 1000 calories off their daily food intake without feeling the pinch.  Besides suppressing the appetite, hoodia also seems to have the effect of making you feel fuller after even a small meal.  A combination of appetite suppression and a feeling of fullness might be the key to helping you lose weight.  If you are able to eat less comfortably, it will also allow your stomach to return to its normal size.

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