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Tenuate Retard Reviews

tenuate retard
Tenuate Retard
What is Tenuate Retard?

Tenuate Retard,  available in pill form, with or without a prescription, is  a drug suppress the appetite, which is  teamed with a  controlled diet for  a decrease in weight. Appetite suppressants enable  the user to feel satisfied after  consuming food and will  stop food cravings and  hunger.  Lots of  users use  this drug as they  find it difficult to  restrain their hunger and will  consume excessive amounts of food,  this means that Tenuate is  frequently  suggested  by  physicians as a treatment for  severely overweight  patients.

How does Tenuate work?

This drug is  comparable  to amphetamines. It  diminishes appetite  by modifying neurotransmitters  in the brain, effectively  convincing  your body into believing it is not hungry. This mean that  the desire to snack and the desires  to eat immediately are lessened which  will lead to the user  consuming  less frequently than they usually would which then leads to weight loss. This effect will  be continued for  the duration of the Tenuate treatment.

Will I experience any side effects from using Tenuate?

Unfortunately, yes. Tenuate  does have a number of known side effects.  Including:

•  Sleep and Mood Problems:  Agitation, Insomnia,  melancholy, drowsiness
•  Skin Complaints:  Problem skin, bruising,  allergic reactions
Cardio-Respiratory Problems:  Rise in blood pressure, chest pain, irregular heartbeat,  difficulty in breathing.
•  Mobility Problems:  Reduction in eye sight,  giddiness,  shaking hands.
•  Hormonal Problems:  Male breast growth,  low sex drive,  loss of hair,  impotence, increased perspiration
•  Digestive and Urinary Issues: Constipation, painful urination, vomiting.
•  Tension Headaches
•  Muscle Pain

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Even though a small number of these side effects  are relatively mild, the majority are  understandably disturbing , especially  since many could affect  the ability to carry out daily tasks  such as shaking,  reduced eye sight and chest pains.

Undesirable side effects  including Impotence, hair loss and  breast growth in men, could also affect  self confidence and increase depression.

The Verdict

The damaging side effects  experienced by  those who have tried Tenuate Retard, indicate that this  diet pill may not be  appropriate for  the average person who wishes to lose weight. The  threat of these side effects must be  carefully considered before even  thinking about  ordering Tenuate online.

Also, those considering buying Tenuate  understand, that because of the fact that the chemical make-up of Tenuate is similar to that of amphetamines, there  is potentially a considerable  risk of  growing to be  reliant or  hooked on these pills.

Long term users of Tenuate have  reported  overwhelming exhaustion, debilitating and severe  insomnia, inability to sleep, sleep difficulties when they  stopped taking the appetite suppressant. In addition, it is recommended that  those taking Tenuate do not attempt to  use a vehicle or operate heavy machinery  until satisfied with how their body will  act in response to  Tenuate.

Due to these factors, it is  inadvisable to buy Tenuate Retard unless when it is  recommended and used  with  the close monitoring of a  physician.  Considering other weight loss plans, diets or  a safe exercise plan and healthy eating regime would be preferable.

Best Alternative

If you need a safe product, the best alternative is PhenQ diet pills. It is most effective appetite suppressant and fat burner on the market nopal based diet pill that has no harmful side effects.

What is nopal?
"Per US cup serving, nopal fruit is an excellent source of the dietary mineral manganese (20% of the Daily Value, DV) and a good source of vitamin C (13% DV), magnesium (11% DV) and calcium (14% DV), with nutrient content improving as the plant matures. Its calcium may not be biologically available because it is present as calcium oxalate, a non-absorbable complex in the small intestine"
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Anonymous said...

Tenuate Retard is fake. Compared to Tenuate Dospan it is chalk and cheese. To be perfectly honest you are as well to eat chalk as this is no appetite suppressant it is something that was created to fool people into thinking that it would work as a weight loss aid when in fact it has been created to make somebody a lot of money. Avoid at all costs.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above. Actually they work! Took them for 3 months,lost 13kg. Never felt hungry. I only recommend to drink at least 3l of water! Otherwise it's fine!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy tenuate retard online,i can't find it anywhere

Anonymous said...

I think no where, because Tenuate Retard may not be appropriate for the average person who wishes to lose weight. You should read Unique Hoodia Review for natural diet pill.

Unknown said...

İts very cheap i GERMANY!

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