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Anti-Snoring Solutions Review

All over the web, you can find articles on exercises to reduce snoring. But does it actually work? Does incorporating these “snoring exercises” into your daily routine actually make a difference?

Some of the exercises are a little ridiculous, and you probably don’t want to try these in public. If you do, you would certainly get some funny looks. 

I tried all of the exercises and decided that it’s kind of like yoga for your face.


Pretend to chew gum or sip juice for a minute at a time throughout the day. Then protrude the lower jaw over the upper jaw, while showing your teeth and hold it for ten seconds. (I tried this and felt like I was impersonating a bulldog.)

Try opening your mouth as wide as you possibly can, then pursing your lips together. Now that your lips are together, pretend you are blowing a kiss. Hold that position for five seconds and then relax.

Next, smile as big as you can and hold it for five seconds. Relax. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue as far as you can, but make sure it stays straight. Move your tongue from left to right.

Place your hand on your jaw, open your mouth and put as much pressure on the jaw as you can handle. Hold for five and then relax. This one left me a little sore for a few seconds afterwards.

There are also vocal exercises, recommended by some doctors, that you can try in addition to this face yoga.


Before going to sleep, repeat the following phrase ten to twenty times: “The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue”. Or practice the surprised expressions of “ahhhh, ooooooh, eeeee!” like you were in the audience of The Price is Right and they just revealed the Showcase Showdown.

Like any stop snoring solution, these exercises may work for some better than others. They certainly worked well at making my coworkers laugh at me when they walked in on my practicing.

The major thing to remember is that an overall healthy lifestyle of eating right and proper exercise (not just face yoga) will help reduce or eliminate your snoring and make you feel better from head to toe. If you are looking for a more immediate stop snoring solution, why not give one of our anti-snoring mouthpieces a try? 

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Yes,you can treat snoring to do a regular exercise.follow some other tips to reduce snoring like avoid smoking,drinking,weight loss,sleep in a side.some anti snoring mouthpiece prevent from snoring.

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