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Mushroom Stuffing: the Perfect Diet-Diet Recipes

mushroom stuffing
Some people may think that going on a diet would require them to eat all those bland and tasteless dishes. Good thing, there are lots of good tasting diet recipes that don’t add too much fat in the body.

One of the most delicious diet recipes with lesser fat content is the mushroom stuffing. Mushrooms are known to have low calorie contents, making this dish perfect for those who are weight conscious. To start, stir fry garlic and shallots on the melted butter. Then, add and cook the mushrooms until their moisture evaporates. Afterwards, place the mixture on a large bowl and add parsley, thyme, bread, whisked cream and egg. Bake it for about 40 minutes.

This dish contains about 200 calories, with lower carbohydrate amounts and high protein content. This tasty treat is recommended for those who want to maintain their slender figures.

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