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Vegetables are not always for Salads-Diet Recipes

poached eggsSalads with fresh, raw vegetables topped with low-calorie dressing are already perfect treats for people going on a diet. Vegetables are not only good for salads as there are also vegetable-based diet recipes that are also worth trying.

One tasty recipe is the grilled asparagus with poached egg. It is as simple as the name suggests. Grill the asparagus on extra-virgin olive oil. Top the poached egg on it and garnish. Also, a soup with beet base gives something sweet without large amounts of calories. Just put a part of chicken broth, chopped beets, salt and ground pepper on your food processor. Let it process until smooth.

There are other delicious vegetable-based diet recipes available for everyone. These dishes are indeed a good replacement for those who are fed up with raw greens and salads.

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