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Will Testosterone Supplements Fight Your Depression?

Do you ever think that your depression symptoms is coming from testosterone deficiency?

Our life is hard on todays men. Men are required to supply for their family members, become successful within their jobs, usually the requirements of their partners and keep good health, each while trying to keep some semblance of sanity. For a lot of men, this effects in short-term fights otherwise persistent struggles with depression.

All this turns out to be even more complicated once men get to the age of thirty, that is when their normal testosterone levels start to drop. This means that, their sexual activity reduce, they lose the drive doing things they would ordinarily love to do, they become sensitive, and in many cases, get into depression.
A Short History of Testosterone Supplement Remedies

Research has long recognized the strong relationship in between testosterone levels and general mood and happiness in male. In reality, roughly half a century ago, testosterone pills were commonly recommended to men who revealed indications of stress and depression for their doctors, especially if their age indicated that their testosterone levels may be reduced.

For reasons unknown, the medical profession changed its attention about the effectiveness of testosterone treatments for depressed men in more latest years, when antidepressant drug became much more popular in the pharmaceutic drug industry. Even though antidepressant drug definitely treat the symptoms of depression in most individuals, they don't treat the source reason for depression. In many aged men, depression is caused directly by lower levels of testosterone. As a result, many modern researchers are starting to discover that the doctors prescribing testosterone supplements for despression symptoms 50+ years ago were really onto something.

Harvard Research Connects Testosterone Treatments with Depression Rehabilitation

In a 2003 Harvard Medical School study (, it actually was discovered that more than 50 % of the men in the research who failed to reply to antidepressant drug had under standard testosterone levels. A number of these men enhanced in their depression significantly when they received testosterone replacement treatments together with their antidepressants.

Symptoms that Your Depression May be connected to Low Testosterone

If you show any of these symptoms, there is a good possibility your signs of depression might be a direct result of reduced testosterone levels:
  • Your depression comes with an important drop in your sexual drive.
  • You are older than thirty. (Age gets to be more of the factor in testosterone-related depression as you get elder, because your testosterone levels continue to decrease normally with age.)
  • You are suffering from trouble identifying any evident causes of your depression, for example a change in your job or relationship condition.
  • You have been prescribed traditional antidepressants by your doctor, however they don't appear to have any major effect on your depression.

If you are showing the symptoms mentioned above, you need to speak to your doctor and ask about getting your testosterone levels analyzed. Low testosterone is hard to verify in a single test due to the fact testosterone levels change day-to-day.

Testosterone Supplements

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