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72 Hour Diet Pill Reviews

72 Hour Diet Pill
The 72 Hour Diet Pill claims to do exactly as it name says make you lose 12 pounds in just three days! This diet pill can easily be ordered from its website or from eBay, at a very low price, making it one of the most accessible weight loss supplements these days. But then, when looking for the best fat loss solution, price is not the only thing you consider. What is more important is whether the product you are using can help you sustain weight loss.
The truth is the 72 Hour diet pill is simply a detox pill or a diuretic which makes you visit the toilet more often. Its main ingredient is caffeine, which is often used in diet pills because it increases one's metabolism. A word of caution is also given on the 72 Hour diet pill that it should not be taken for extended periods, only once a month. The question is can 72 hour help you lose weight? Yes, but it is more of a temporary weight loss. Body builders would use a product like this 3 days before a competition.

72 Hour Diet Pill Ingredients

The 72 Hour diet pill ingredients include caffeine, which increases the body's metabolism, dandelion root, which contains essential fatty acids, a ginger root which increases heart activity, potassium gluconate to counter the effect of caffeine and reduce blood pressure, juniper berry and buchu leaves, which are natural diuretics.

Side Effects

The 72 Hour diet pill is actually a diuretic, which will cause you to urinate frequently. Other side effects include dehydration so you need to make sure to drink enough water while on this product.


The 72 Hour diet pill is sold cheaply and can easily be bought online, it does provide quick weight loss to provide a ripped looking body. People who are about to attend an event such as a wedding or a high school reunion may find this useful, but those who wish to lose weight permanently may not find it as beneficial.
Losing 12 pounds in just 72 hours is possible but I would recommend not trying to go over that amount and 6 lbs would be a safer limit.
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