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Didrex Weight Loss Pills Reviews

didrex weight loss pills
Didrex is an appetite suppressant which has been approved by the FDA for short-term use and is sold only with a medical prescription. It is an anti-obesity drug which has been proven effective for fast weight loss and often recommended for people who are considered clinically obese. It works best when taken before each meal. However, weight loss using Didrex does not come without side effects, mainly because it is based on the chemical, benzphetamine, which is closely related to the much-regulated drug, amphetamine.
Although amphetamines have been found effective in suppressing the appetite, and therefore reducing weight, their use can be addictive and can lead to more serious health risks. Didrex should be taken with caution and should be used under strict medical supervision. Because of these limitations, Didrex cannot be used for a long time, which means its results on losing weight will not be permanent.

Didrex Side Effects

Didrex has the same effects of amphetamine on the body, which may lead to increase in anxiety, nervousness, and irritability. If used longer than necessary, it can worsen the condition of someone with a heart disease, as it can lead to rapid heartbeats and seizures. The worst side effect that would result from continued use of this drug is addiction and dependency. A user who has developed an addiction to Didrex, and would want to discontinue its use, would experience some withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, frequent headaches, tremors, inability to focus, hallucinations, and severe muscle spasms.

Didrex Drawbacks

Considering that the only benefit that Didrex offers is appetite suppression, the risks are too much to make anyone desire to take this drug for weight loss. The other thing to consider is that this prescription weight loss drug is very expensive. Because it can only be taken with medical supervision, frequent visits to the doctor would have to be done, which adds more to the actual price of the pill.
This is a highly addictive drug, and therefore should not be taken by young people, nor people who are already at risk for other diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, and strokes.


Amphetamine-based weight loss products have become popular for their fast weight loss results. However, they always come with strong side effects, the riskiest one of which is an addiction. Didrex provides only appetite suppression and no other benefits, which make this drug not a smart option for healthy and permanent weight loss.

Phen375 is also a pharmacological-grade diet pill which is manufactured in FDA approved labs and contains safer chemicals than benzphetamine, the main ingredient of Didrex. Phen375 is not just an appetite suppressant, but a fat burner as well, which makes it a better alternative that can offer faster, safer and never addictive weight loss solution.
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Taking Didrex should not be prioritized by anyone who desires to gain weight loss immediately. Best way to reduce fats are taking best weight loss supplements, daily exercise and eating right.

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