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Acai Berry Scams

It sounds good, doesn’t it? A free bottle of acai berry, no risk at all! Well, you know what they say – if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it’s not true! Please read this report before you buy any acai berry scams. Let’s explain in a few words what actually happens:
  1. You enter the acai berry scam website and they offer you a free acai berry bottle for you to try.
  2. They want you to sign up on their subscription page.
  3. Then they ask for your credit card information, saying it is only for shipping costs.
  4. Here’s the tricky part. After you give them your credit card information, they will bill you every month and then send you poor-quality acai berry, even though you don’t want it! Some of these acai berry scam companies do not even bother to send the product!
  5. They charge you approximately $80 every month, which is 3 times more expensive than Pure Acai Berry.
  6. You spend hours trying to cancel your subscription and then the real fun starts.
  7. They will tell you that you need to read the fine print before you buy.
  8. You keep paying until you cancel your credit card or the scam website shuts down!
That’s why you need to be careful. There are hundreds of scam acai berry websites, some of them gets shut down, but they only have to change their name, and they’re back in business!

They will keep on doing what they do best – stealing your money! And to add insult to injury, they give you poor quality, spray or air dried acai berry which is the worst kind of acai berry products. They will charge you at least twice as expensive as high quality, freeze-dried acai berry. Keep in mind that it is freeze-drying that retains acai berries’ weight loss effectiveness, nutrients etc.

Here Are Some of Acai Berry Scams

  • Acai Berry Powder 500 – They auto-ship acai berry products without asking your confirmation. They claim that they are tested by the FDA, but you can’t find any proof that their product is tested by the FDA.
  • Acai Advanced – They want you to pay $0.99 for shipping. You never get your product. When you call them to ask what happened, they give you phone numbers from which you’ll never get a response. Plus you are charged $90 for a “free” acai berry box which you didn’t order and which you can no longer cancel!
  • Extreme Acai Berry – They changed their name to ”Acai Berry Exclusive“. Why? Because the manufacturers of this products have been caught trying to scam people. They are auto shipping products too, which you don’t want and then charges you for that. Plus, they can’t show any proof that their product is safe.
  • Acai Berry Detox – One of the worst we’ve ever seen! They charge you $300 for one bottle of acai berry. There is no customer service you can reach. There is a so-called money back guarantee but you’re lucky if they don’t steal three times more money than they have already stolen after you ask for your money back.

List of Some Other Acai Berry Scams

acai berry scams
  • Acai Berry Breeze
  • Acai Berry Maxx
  • Acai Berry Supreme
  • Acai Berry Elite
  • Acai Slim
  • Acai X3
  • Acai Berry Premium
  • Acai Force Max
  • Acai Max Cleanse
  • Acai Optimum
  • Ultimate Acai Max
  • Ultra Cleanse
  • Topgrade Acai
  • Pure Cleanse Pro

How to Avoid Acai Berry Scams

It is simple – do not believe any company claiming to give you “free” acai berry! No one gives you something for free, these are just marketing come-ons that are schemes to get your hard earned money! Think about it. They don’t even tell you what their product contains and they can’t show you any certificate proving that it is safe. You don’t know what you’re getting. What you need to do is to carefully choose the best acai berry product which does not offer free trials, but instead shows quality certificates from reputable third parties.

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