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Sambazon Acai Review

sambazon acai smoothie packs
Started by a couple of individuals after a trip to the Amazon, Sambazon Acai began its American journey in juice bars in Southern California by making its way into smoothies.  The smoothies became a major hit and soon more than 50 locations were selling the product.

How does it Work?

Sambazon prides itself on its natural ingredients and has many products that work in different ways.  Mostly known for its juices and smoothies, the company has products that function for detoxifying the body, ones that promote energy and still others that offer assistance with weight loss.

Pros of Sambazon Acai

  • Variety – This Company has a variety of different products depending on what your individual needs will be and what you want to accomplish.
  • Package Design – Bright colors and bold graphics cover all of the packagings no matter what the product.  This display really pulls in the consumer to look into the website further.
  • Humble Beginnings – Everyone loves a success story.  This company began with young men who were close friends with seemingly all the money they had in the world.  That is the American dream.

Cons of Sambazon Acai

  • No Health Information – The Company does not seem to list any type of health concerns, warnings or directives to have individuals talk about their products with their healthcare professional.
  • Ingredients – There is little information regarding the various ingredients in each of the company’s products, other than the mention that the company tries to find flavors that are appealing to everyone.


While the company certainly has a lot to offer, in terms of products that are visually appealing, what can the products really do for the average consumer?  Not enough information is known about the ingredients in the products or their safety.  While certainly visually appealing and priced about the same as most acai products. The Sambazon Company has not really levied any claims or benefits.


Since there are many products available, containing acai berry, to do just about anything you want. You need to purchase several of them to do what one of our products can do.  Take a moment and check out our Acai Plus together with our Acai Detox Complex.  These two products can assist you with detoxifying your body, with weight loss and cleansing out that sluggish colon.

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